Work out tirelessly and still do not have the six-pack abs you want? Sit up, and crunches are staples of the ab work out regime, but these exercises are not effective. Research has shown it takes “22,000 crunches to burn 1 pound of belly fat.”

You have been looking for a system or diet to achieve the desired flat, 6 pack abs. You are bored with the gym and the regular ab routines. 

The Fighter Abs 2.0 system helps to ramp up your ab routine to help those abdominal muscles shine through. Tireless hours at the gym are no longer needed. The correct exercises in the right way can turn your body into a fat-burning machine. 

This system gives you the guidance to build your core and have abs like a fighter. Fighters have to be strong in their core to succeed and protect their bodies. Throwing jabs and punches require stomach strength. 

What is the Fighter Abs system

This online program understands some of the misconceptions and “barriers” to targeting the fat around the abdominal muscles. The whole system identifies four obstacles to achieving the desired results. 

The first obstacle is traditional exercises like crunches or sit-ups. These exercises are hard to do correctly and can cause lower back pain. 

The second barrier is to focus on just the diet and not toning. The stomach will be flat but not sculpted. 

The third obstacle identified by the system is long cardio sessions. These repetitive sessions can burn calories during the workout. But a workout that burns calories during and after is far more effective. 

The final and fourth obstacle is the mindset. Many people use genetics to blame for flabbiness and shy away from any real efforts that bring gain.

The Fighter Abs System targets the fat tissues that sit around the ab muscles. The system has three phases which build up the core and ab muscles to strengthen the middle. The last phase targets stubborn lower belly fat. 

The first phase lays the foundation for the core and ignites the metabolism. 

The second phase utilizes a strong core built by the first phase and moves to more advanced exercises. 

The third and final phase targets the lower belly fat and helps to reveal the six-pack underneath. 

This Fighter Ab system is for those who wish to take their ab muscles to another level. The system targets and strengthens the core without repetitive workouts. Each of the 20+ workouts is different and help to build the midsection up to become more toned. 

Ab muscles are fully worked with these predesigned workouts and routines. The system comes with 20+ workouts and a guide to help with how each exercise works. There are bonus materials which help to guide you towards the correct use of supplements to enhance results. 

Who is Andrew Raposo?

Andrew Raposo, a North American Muay Thai champion and coach, has struggled with achieving his ab goals. He hit the gym and the mat for hours of crunches and cardio. He still couldn’t see his six-pack abs. 

andrew raposo posing

Being a fighter, he wanted that ripped look. Fighters have a distinct look, and without his muscles popping through, he felt unaccomplished. This shame fueled his hunt for improving and enhancing his ab routine. 

Raposo realized he needed to train like a fighter if he wanted abs like one. Fighters do not get down and do sit-ups like gym-goers. They do their movement routine and work their bodies like a warrior. 

Realizing this, he stepped away from the traditional ab workouts and started to train like the other fighters. He created routines that stacked specific exercise in a proper sequence. His body was transformed into a fat-burning machine in as little as 15 minutes a day. He has built workouts that burned calories not only during the workouts and but also after.

Raposo eventually achieved the six-pack abs he wanted, and he made the program that he put together available for others to as well. 

Does the Fighter Abs system work?

Any exercise done consistently helps achieve a fit body. But does the fighter ab system accomplish the goals that it sets out? The 3-phased system goals were to strengthen the whole body, kick start the metabolism, and target belly fat.

The program works because it designed to be different conventional ab routines. Yes, the workout is short (4-15 minutes), but it is high intensity and builds a foundation for an active body. The program works because the creator has put his solid experience into work. His extensive research led to an effective program which he himself tested before sharing it in public.

The high-intensity workouts build your strength up gradually, so you do not just go straight to advanced. The fundamental approach is that the core is built from the inside out. The built-in progression ensures that the results are visible by the end of the 3 phase program. 

The demanding workout routines by Andrew Raposo are most effective for those who are somehow fit and active but looking to tone the abdominal area. While the workouts would benefit anyone, those who are sedentary may not see the same results, i.e. the elusive six-pack and fighter body at the end of the program. However, weight loss, especially at the belly area and a fitter body, are guaranteed for anyone who follows the program.

The testimonials on the website make it look like the program yield amazing results for everyone. However, it is worth noting many of the testimonials are from fitness trainers, models, and athletes. One testimony is from a financial advisor, but most are from people who are active but concerned with how they look.

fighter abs system testimonial
Example Testimonial 1
andrew raposo fighter abs system testimonial
Example Testimonial 2

The program can be modified and adapted according to individual needs and pace. Each phase lasts two weeks. For example, if a person needs to stay in one phase, they can linger in the phase to strengthen their core to make sure they are ready for the next phase. 


What is included with the Fighter Abs system?

The Key Components of the program are the 20+ workout DVDs and the Complete Fighter Manual. The DVDs have more than 20 pre-planned workouts for each phase, and the manual helps you to understand how to do each exercise. 

fighter abs manual pdf cover

The other bonus materials can include: Get Mobility Like a Fighter and Supplement Guide to Recovery. The Mobility manual helps to increase your range of motion and flexibility to decrease the likelihood of injuries. The Supplement manual helps to find the supplements to recover. Both of these manuals will help to enhance the workouts. 

The complete program and the bonus materials are available through the Fighter Abs system website. The workouts and the other manuals will assist in targeting the fat on your abs. The system will help with motivation to encourage yourself to stick with the system. 

fighter abs sample workout
Sample Workout 1
fighter abs sample worout
Sample Workout 2


Benefits and Downsides 

Every workout system has its benefits and downsides. 

 The benefits of the program:

  • Targeted workouts to eliminate stomach fat
  • Ignite and rev up your metabolism into a fat-burning machine
  • Fewer injuries due to back strain

 The downsides of the program:

  • Only available through online purchase
  • For more active people

The system will help those who have plateaued and need to push past obstacles in their fat loss journey. The whole workout system sequences the workouts together to help achieve the desired results with decreased injuries and downtimes.

The workouts are only available through online purchase. The 60-day money-back guarantee may make you feel better about purchasing the workout system online and trying it without any guilt of spending.


Get the ABs like a fighter – The verdict.

Ready to have your abs pop and rip like fighters? Fighters have phenomenal ab strength to protect themselves and to fight with more power. This system is worth a try if your abs are a weak spot for you. 

Belly fat is a common problem. The Fighter Abs system helps to target the fat systematically. Raposo sets up the core to become stronger and continues to push it past its limits until the six-pack abs show up through the pesky fat.

In a fitness market flooded with products, I would try the fighter abs system. It is different in its approach that the system moves away from traditional ab exercises to more innovative approaches. 

If you are ready to get up and get moving, I would highly recommend trying out the system. It is worth it to try to get the inches off your waist and improve your appearance.

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