When it comes to losing weight, there are thousands of diets available. They don’t always work. What you need is a diet that does not require you to spend hours on a treadmill or count calories.

The typical diet programs fail because they do not help you permanently keep the weight off. The weight comes back. The Flat Belly Detox Program helps you take control of your malfunctioning hormones, balance them and ultimately lose weight. 

This online program progresses step-by-step. It consists of multiple components of this Flat Belly system that help you set yourself up for a healthier future. You can build your future through the small and incremental actions you take. The diet is easy to follow, and the workouts are introduced at the right time.


What is the Flat Belly Detox Program All About?

In a nutshell, The Flat Belly Detox program takes your body’s natural processes and rebalances them, so the body burns fat. The program focuses on restoring the function of the insulin as an agent that converts food into energy. 

The problem for many people is that the body is storing the food around your body as fat. When the pancreas does not function optimally, it sends a large quantity of insulin throughout your body, causing it to hold onto fat instead of transforming the food you eat into energy that helps your body function better.

The program is for anyone struggling to lose the tummy rolls and who has spent years on boomerang diets that leave you right where you started or worse off. There are no complicated requirements to get on or stay on a diet. You only need to follow the simple instructions exactly as prescribed. 

The instructions are easy-to-follow and not unfamiliar to anyone who has dieted before. You will need to avoid certain foods that can sabotage your progress while including healthy ones in our diet. The program also consists of a moderate amount of regular exercise to accelerate fat loss and energy stabilization.


Who is Josh Houghton?

The creator of the Flat Belly diet is Josh Houghton. Josh had a life-long problem with weight gain. After being diagnosed as pre-diabetic and told he might not live to see his sixtieth birthday, he decided to take control of his weight permanently.

josh houghton before the transformation
Josh Houghton before the transformation

With the support of his loving wife and family, he visited the weight loss doctor and expert, Derek Wahler. Dr Wahler discussed with Josh how to stop his body from rejecting his body’s natural insulin and stop storing the excess as fat. He was advised to start making detox soup.

Detox soup, Josh admits, tastes awful when you first start the program. You cannot add salts or sugars to it to make it taste better. You can add seasonings that can highlight the natural flavor in the soup. You can eat as much as you want and watch the pounds slide off naturally as your body starts to clear the excess insulin from your bloodstream.

From this experience, Josh decided to experiment further and create a holistic approach to weight loss.


Does the Program Work?

The program is designed to flush toxins out of your bloodstream and the stored fat around your body. The program is twenty-one days long and acts on your body’s insulin levels to provide a balance to your body and improve your ability to digest the food you eat. 

According to Josh, the program can help you lose typically one to two pounds a week with more significant improvement as time goes on. As everyone body is different, Josh asserts that the result may vary from person to person. 

So does the program work? In short, yes, it does. 

There are four main steps to follow along with the guidelines losing maintaining a healthy weight. 

1. Instant Energy Breakfast

The instant energy breakfast provides energy, kickstarts your metabolism to burn fat and stabilizes your blood sugars to prevent fat storage.

2. Lean Lunch

A lean lunch gets you started with your first soup for the day. There are multiple recipes to try and enjoy, so you can choose to alternate your meals as your week goes on. You will not need to eat the same thing every day to achieve your goals.

3. Soup Detox Dinner

The soup detox dinner serves you the second batch of fat-burning, insulin stabilizing soup to keep your hormones balanced and your body burning the calories efficiently through the evening.

4. Flat Belly Workouts

The workout phase of the program starts once you are used to the new diet plan. The exercise routines are easy to follow, with only four minutes of your morning taken up. You will need to do them in an empty stomach to get the most benefit from your morning routine.

You can also modify the program with the help of the Flat Belly Detox team if you have health restrictions or limitations that prevent you from completing the morning workouts.


What comes inside the program?

Josh and Derek have tinkered with the program to help you find quick weight loss that stays off. Together, with the help of Josh’s wife, who is a fantastic cook, they also created multiple recipes you can eat along with careful morning workout plans. The program content is spread across three ebook guides.

flat belly detox ebooks

1. Flat Belly Detox Main Manual

The manual covers the main components of the program, including tasty soup recipes and step-by-step instructions for their preparation. It also explains why you need to eat the soup daily and what to drink to help bring your body back to its peak levels of performance.

It guides you through creating your instant energy breakfast, lean lunches, and soup detox dinners without requiring you to count calories or relying on pills. Soon will get used to this new food routine before moving on to the rest of the program.

The book also covers what you will need to avoid in your diet to prevent backsliding and sabotage your weight-loss gains and goals. You will start to feel lighter by just starting the diet, even before you see the results in the mirror.

2. Flat Belly Detox 4-Minute Fat-Burning Bursts

Once you have your diet balanced, you can start adding in fat-burning exercises to your morning routine. The exercises are easy to add to your daily routine. It will take only four minutes of your morning to help accelerate your fat loss. 

The routine consists of a short burst of workouts that are designed to boost your metabolism and burn calories. However, the four-minute round is purposefully intended to be a low-impact activity to spare your joints, back, knees, and ankles from long-term damage. 

You then boost your energy further with pre-planned breakfast, soup lunches and dinner covered in the main manual. 

3. Bedtime Belly Detox: Flatten Your Belly Guide

The beauty of the Flat Belly Detox program is it is an all-day program that keeps your progress going and helps you stick to a routine that is neither boring nor repetitive. The Bedtime belly detox routine lets your body quiet down for sleep, but keep you burning from dinner on through your bedtime.

4. Snack Guide

Snacks are an essential part of your diet. In addition to healthy soup options and low-impact exercise routines, you will have access to healthy snack recipes. Snacks can help keep your body stable between meals. The snacks are healthy as well as tasty, so you will have no problems finding things you want to eat.


What are the pros and cons of this program?



Easy-to-Follow Recipes

The program starts with eating soup, and you will get multiple recipes that are easy-to-follow, so you too can create a healthy, hormone-stabilizing soup. The plan has various recipes, so you don’t have to worry about eating the same thing every day.


The meals are convenient to make, and the workout plan is simple to follow. You do not need to follow a complicated ritual for counting calories or follow time-consuming exercise routines. You get to follow a routine without it taking control of your life.

Low-Impact Workouts

The workouts are something you add to routine after you know how your diet treats your body. The workouts are short, four-minute segments that are low-impact. Low-impact exercises will keep your body moving but do not damage joints that have already suffered through carrying excessive weight. 

Energy Boost & Better Mood

When you start the diet, you start with adjusting your morning routine. You start by giving yourself an energy boost that will help you to feel better able to control your diet and your weight loss. Everything starts with having the energy to pursue your goals and the motivation to keep putting your weight loss goals before everything else.

The diet and workout combination does make you feel satisfied from the start. Stabilizing your mood is something you start at the beginning of your journey. A stable mood can help you stay focused and feel better as you change your life for the better. As your clothes start to fit, you know you are on the right track and feel better throughout it all.

Visible weight loss

Based on various results posted online, you can start losing weight within the week of starting your program. The effect starts small with a one to two-pound loss that improves as time goes on. All diets start small and gain momentum as time goes on. 



Results Vary

Part of being on the program is that it can take longer for some people to experience the benefits. There are often other things you need to address in your health to help you achieve the same benefits. The program works to balance your hormones, but if you have other types of health conditions or are on certain types of medications, is it best to consult a qualified medical practitioner before engaging in the program. 

You cannot deviate much from the plan.

There are things you add to your diet, and there are things you take away. There are specific foods you are not allowed to including your diet, and there are particular types of things you must do to help the program work to its best ability. Your goal is to stabilize your insulin levels and start reprogramming your body to accept the change, so you need to stay on track and follow the guidelines as close as possible. 

You may need a customized program.

You can talk with the program coordinators to help get specific help for your workout program based on your unique situation. However, the only way to reach them is via email.

You can only purchase digital copies.

There are only digital copies of the book available for purchase, not physical ones. Not everyone likes digital books, but unfortunately, the authors did not make any physical publishing available. 


Final Thoughts

Taking control of your weight puts you in control of many aspects of your life. You can have the energy and body you want through a plan that can take you forward. You have the power to change your future by taking control of your present. A small amount of sacrifice is needed to adjust your lifestyle to fit the program schedules, but it is well worth the effort. 

For more information about the Flat Body Diet, you can download the book to give it a try. The program creator has made a money-back guarantee offer on the product page that makes this program sound even more promising. 

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