Your journey to your ideal weight has been a bumpy one. Failed diet attempts, lack of motivation, and fear of failure are all real obstacles in the way to feeling healthier and more energetic. 

Diets feel like they are starving you. I know I have tried numerous ones. Some diets feel like they are too much work, counting points and logging foods. Feeling hungry, lethargic, or just plain frustrated is how many of us are left when trying these “fad” diets. 

Time is a problem for many people wanting to lose weight. How do you fit in the time to meal prep or even exercise? The mountains of issues seem to difficult to overcome. 

Life gives us setbacks, which is what happened to the authors of Flat Belly Fix. Even the healthiest of people can have difficulties, Tara and Todd used their journey to help others experiencing a similar predicament. 

What is Flat Belly Fix all about?

Flat Belly Fix stems from the couple’s journey to help Tara bounce back after an accident. She put on weight, had a hard time exercising due to injury, and felt depressed. The step by step program helped her to regain her body. (More on the background below). 

Selecting the time to workout, foods to eat, and motivation are all a part of the multi-faceted program. How does the program work, and why is it so successful?

 Todd Lamb wanted to focus the program on three principles:

  • truth
  • easy
  • transformation

He wanted to expose the truth behind the weight loss industry. It is designed to keep you fat. “Boomerang dieting” is when you try a diet, give up, and gain all the weight back. 

Easy is just what it sounds. The Lambs have laid out a step by step guide to the program short of doing it for you. 

The transformation piece comes when you lose weight quickly in the shortest possible. Seeing the real results helps to keep motivation. 

The core of the program turns your body into a fat-burning machine. The System Book gives lifestyle choices, like the teas and what foods to eat, 

Through the program, you can help your body burn fat, store less fat, increase your energy, and decrease diabetes risk. This program is for people who do not have a lot of time to exercise or think about meal prepping. The results are quick and keep you motivated to stay on your journey.

 The Flat Belly Fix gives you a system that works. The program includes:

  • The Flat Belly System
  • The Flat Belly Protocol
  • The Flat Belly Smoothie Recipes
  • Coaching

The System book details everything you will need to maintain success and achieve those quick results. The book discusses recipes for cleansing tea and lists specific exercises. It also answers questions like how much water to drink and types of food to eat. The information shared in the book helps to overhaul an unhealthy lifestyle and turn your body into a lean fat-burning machine. 

The Protocol book expands on the exercises listed in the System book, giving you more options to help you on your journey. 

The Smoothie Recipes are a supplemental book and help to push you further if you choose to. 

The VIP Coaching is available as an add-on purchase at the website and gives you personalized attention and helps you to meet your individualized goals and obstacles. 


Who is Todd Lamb? 

todd lamb

Todd’s wife Tara was a physically fit police officer before her car accident, which can happen to anyone. Pain and injury caused her to become more sedentary and gain weight. Todd Lamb wanted to help his wife, but he did not know how to. 

He then discovered via 2012 scientific research study that he found, that a substance he used in his law enforcement job, oleoresin capsicum, or pepper spray, can stimulate the metabolism in a significant way. He researched it further and started to incorporate it in the cleansing tea he made for his wife.  

The pounds shed off. While Tara was in recovery, she continued to lose weight and regain energy. They worked together to help her regain strength via exercise routine that Todd put together. Through this rehabilitation and recovery path, the Flat Belly Fix was born.

The couple started to share their routine with family and friends, and the results spoke for themselves. The weigh loss results of their friends can be seen on the site. The before and after pictures speak for the success of the program. They took notes and started to compile a healthy lifestyle plan to help transform others. 

Does the program work? 

You need to be ready to transform. Shed the fat and the old habits that caused you to get fat. If you are not prepared to change, then that may be a roadblock. Sugary foods, while in moderation, are acceptable, but you need to alter your habits to make the program a success. 

The testimonials from the website tout the typical results as losing anywhere from 10-30 pounds in three weeks. The key to the program is the rapid success which helps keep you motivated. Dieting can stagnate, and motivation can wane. Not so on the Flat Belly Fix. 

example result from the 21 day flat belly fix program
Example Result 1
example result of the flat belly fix program
Example Result 2

The program works because it turns the body into a lean machine while being practical. Through the use of herbs and other foods, the body learns how to burn fat and inhibit future storage. Most of the ingredients can be found in any grocery store. It doesn’t require calorie counting and has a quick and easy exercise regime. 

The basics of the program: the exercises, the tea and the diet, is enough to help you lose weight. Depending on your needs, you may choose to incorporate the smoothies diet or add more workouts. Todd’s wife found initial success with just the teas, but the diet plan can be included or excluded later depending on the lifestyle. 

She could not exercise right away due to extra weight and injury, so the teas worked to prime her body to lose fat. The amount of weight you need to lose and your health situation should determine whether or not you need to incorporate more elements or less. People who have diabetes, close to diabetic, or overweight, should consider doing the total program. 

What is inside the Flat Belly Fix program?

This program is a complete package giving you step by step instructions to help you become the best version of yourself. The individual elements can be incorporated incrementally as your body allows you to keep seeing improved results. 

The Flat Belly Fix System ebook introduces you to the core elements of the program. For those looking to try the program out, the ebook is a good place to start. It fills your brain with all the essential information you need. It provides a detailed guide on how to make metabolism tea and choosing the type of foods to eat. 

flat belly fix system ebook
The System Ebook

The BONUS materials include Flat Belly Fix Protocol, Smoothie Recipes, and VIP Coaching. The Protocol details 7-minute workouts to be done 4 to 5 times a week to tighten the core and augment the results. The best part of this 7-minute workouts is you do not need any equipment and can be done anywhere be it at home, the park or even in a tiny hotel room.

flat belly fix seven minute protocol ebook
The 7-minute Protocol Ebook

The Smoothies Recipe Book lists healthy recipes to speed up the transformational results and includes a grocery list to take the guesswork out of shopping. 

flat belly fix smoothie recipes bonus
The Smoothies Recipe Bonus Ebook

As part of the bonus, you will be given 30-day free access to the exclusive VIP Coaching. This is an exclusive online coaching and is delivered via a closed Facebook Group. Once you enroll in the total program through their website, you will receive instructions on how to join. The Facebook group also acts as a community with like-minded individuals that motivates you and keep you focused and on track. 

Todd Lamb's Personal Coaching Bonus
The Personal Coaching Bonus

The Goods/Not So Goods of the program

 The Pros:

  • Easy to follow
  • Short, simple exercise plans
  • Recipe book with grocery lists
  • VIP Coaching available
  • 60 day 100% money-back guarantee

 The Cons: 

  • Costly to start
  • Requires some effort to prepare and to get started.

The program is convenient and transformational. Everything is provided for you, but you need to be ready to start a program to change your body and your life. 


Final Thoughts

I have been drinking the tea for days now. I have noticed less of a desire to eat and more energy. If you are ready to change your body, not just your eating habits, this program is for you. The tea is easy to fix and perfect addition to your morning routine.

The exercises are a great way to tone up and create that lean body machine. The smoothie recipes and Coaching will help to supercharge those transformational results. 

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