Having a flat belly and toned body are two of the top fitness goals for most women. The catch is that it can take so much hard work and time to achieve the ideal body. Furthermore, the amount of weight we lose and the time it takes to get rid of the fat varies for each person. The greatest challenge, yet, is maintaining the result and shape against the test of time.

It is natural for us, women to have a few challenges staying in shape at specific periods in our life. Many external factors can contribute to weight gain during this period. Some of these factors are giving birth, a busy lifestyle, and having less energy.

There are many solutions out there that teach women how to lose their body fat and get back the body that they wanted. One such program is My Bikini Belly. According to the creator, this online program was designed specifically for women over 35, especially busy moms.

This review article will highlight the benefits of the program; it’s downsides, challenges, and the things you should consider before deciding to enroll. Our goal is to give you everything you need to know to help you make an informed decision about the product.


About The Program

My Bikini Belly is an online weight loss program which focuses on belly fat loss. The program consists of a series of videos that show the step by step process to achieve a “bikini body.” This program was initially released at the end of 2015 and had been helping to change lives since.

The creator of the program is Shawna Kaminski. She created this program to help women above the age of 35 work towards a sexy and desirable body (she calls it a bikini body) and be able to maintain it. The foundation of the program is centered around the Metabolic Activation Training System.

Metabolic Activation training is the concept of stimulating your body systems at the same time to lose belly fat. This concept works exceptionally well for women over the age of 35. The reason for this is, women over the age of 35 will start to experience hormonal changes and decreased metabolism.

What sets the product apart from other workout programs is that it helps women to deal with the natural slowdown of metabolism, which is an issue women in their 30s, 40s, and older may have a problem controlling. Dealing with hormones is a central conversational theme throughout the program.

The creators focused a lot of the lessons in the program on dealing with hormone-related changes. Some of the lessons in the program strategically focus on menopause-related issues that women may have.

The workouts stimulate the body by burning fat in target areas. The course spans 21-days. The program is quick, simple, and designed for women that would like to get rid of belly bulge and fat.


Who is Shawna Kaminski?

Before participating in any fitness program, you should know the creator. Knowing the background of the creator can help in giving a hint about whether the promoted product is legit or a scam. The designer of My Bikini Belly is Shawna Kaminski. Shawna is a former Canadian athlete, fitness model, and enthusiast. She seems to have an excellent track record that includes multiple awards and titles.

photo of shawna kaminski

One of her notable titles includes being named the Western Canadian Lightweight Bodybuilding Champion. In addition to this title, Shawna Kaminski has also won the Toughest Calgarian Alive, twice. Not only has Kaminski dominated bodybuilding, but she also participated in the National Canadian Competition in freestyle skiing and swimming.

Shawna, who is now 52, is also the owner of a gym in Calgary called NW Fit Body Boot Camp gym. We figured that she has been able to put this workout program based on her extensive knowledge and experience in fitness and women’s health.

How does the program work?

One of the main claims of My Bikini Belly is that it can help women target belly fat. The program does this by avoiding stomach fat gaining triggers. According to the program, there are three triggers of belly fat :

• The first belly fat trigger causes your menopause molecules to turn from off to on. After this happens, it becomes hard and almost impossible to lose belly fat.
• The second belly fat trigger turns off the hormone that helps to shrink your belly.
• The third and final trigger reduces the rate of metabolism.

Overall the program works to eliminate fat (especially in the stomach area) by helping to fight against your hormones and fat triggers. The primary benefit of this program is the fast reduction of belly fat.

Inside the Product

My Bikini Belly comes with an introductory video from Shawna. The purpose of the introduction video is to review the expectations and goals of the program. In the video, she provides you with some advice and tips on how to take full advantage of the program to receive the best outcome possible.

There are three workout phases in this program. Each workout phase comes with guided workout videos and PDF documents that explain the routine further. Each phase is designed to enhance endurance progressively so that the participants could progress to the advanced stages smoothly.

download area of my bikini belly program

If you are someone that likes detailed workouts, you will like this program.
Each video is exceptionally detailed to help you follow along easily. The videos length is kept just nice between 15-20 minutes. The videos keep you engaged (not dull) and informed while doing the exercises, and this will help accomplish each workout in good form.

example workout video in my bikini belly

The program also comes with a written guide which gives you more information about the different forms and the purpose of each exercise.

Another plus point of this workout program is that it caters for all physical fitness levels. The videos include three different people doing the exercises at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. You can then choose the person to follow that best suits your skill level.

What are the exercises included in My Bikini Body?

There are many individual exercises included in the program, too many to list in this review. We will discuss a few to give you a better perspective on what you can expect from the program.

Lunge: There are multiple variations of lunge exercises included throughout the program. Lunges help you tone your core and legs.

Mountain climbers: This exercise is well known to produce sweat, but little is known that it targets your stomach muscles too. Mountain climbers are excellent upper and lower ab workouts. If you want a flat tummy, this exercise will surely help you to achieve your goals.

shawna demonstrates who to do mountain climber exercise

Squats: When you think of exercises that burn belly fat, you may over-look. But doing the squats work the core muscles in different ways than other workouts can’t. There are different types of squats included in this workout plan. Another bonus benefit of doing squats is that it tones your glutes and quads.

A few other examples of exercises in the program include leg lifts, butt lifts, belly bends, and pull-downs. Each of these exercises plays a specific role in achieving the objective of the program.

We have discussed the individual workout and now let’s look at the workout routines found in the program.

• Workout Routine #1 – The Belly Flush
• Workout Routine #2 – Bikini Belly Burn
• Workout Routine #3 – Bikini Belly Blast

Routine #1 helps you to take control of your body. This workout includes a variety of exercise routines. The purpose of this workout is to help your body stimulate and activate your metabolism.

Routine #2 concentrates on shrinking belly fat. During this routine, your body will begin to regulate your hormones and intensify your metabolism.

Routine#3 focuses on the maximization of your metabolism. When your metabolism is enhanced, it helps you to shed fat. The last part of the exercise routine is simple, easy to follow, and it helps your body to stimulate anti-ageing molecules.

Pros & Cons of This Program

Now that you know more about the overall My Bikini Belly program let’s look at where the program shines and what are the downsides.


• The main plus factor for this product is that a fitness expert developed it. Unlike many other workout programs, this one was designed by someone who is a veteran in the fitness industry and knows the woman’s body very well. Also, Shawna has had a firsthand experience on some of the same issues other women struggling with, and she seems to be determined to help her students. She is also able to witness the results of the program with the patrons of her gym.
• The program offers convenience and ease for women. If you are busy and do not have time to spend countless hours in the gym, the workout plans will like were designed for you.
• The workout plan does not require any equipment or a gym membership. This means all you need a small space at your home or in a hotel room if you travel often.
• If you are new to working out you can do this program. If you are an expert, you can do this program. Various workouts are available for different skill levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). The exercises are slow and gradual and allow you to build your endurance progressively.
• Short videos allow for a quick but high-quality workout. The videos are also easy and straightforward to follow.


• One main downside of the program is that there is no nutrition guidance. The program does not include a meal plan or diet routine. There are no food or meal suggestions in this workout program. The creator of this program could have added a lot more value by providing meal planning guidance and advice.

So, Does My Bikini Belly work ? or is it a scam?

After researching the program, it appears that it does work, and it is not a scam. We think that it is an effective ab fitness program and that it offers women proven results to see their belly shrink.

We have also looked at the feedbacks that this program is getting and most are positive. Many users have reported that they lose fat and able to tone their muscles. Some even said that they were able to form and sculpt their abs.

my bikini belly sample results
Example Result 1
my bikini belly exampe result
Example Result 2
my bikini belly example results
Example Result 3

What’s great about this program is that you can get started right away. You do not need any added materials or equipment. The pros far outweigh the cons of this program. You don’t have to worry about fitness jargon or tough killer exercises that will leave you sore for days.

The main takeaway is that the program is simple, easy to follow and brings the result as long as it is followed consistently.

Overall, we think that My Bikini Belly is a good workout program for women that want to lose belly fat but does not have the time or energy to do so.

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