There are certain muscle groups that humans are innately drawn to like massive biceps, toned legs, and, of course, strong glutes. However, there is perhaps no muscle group that is so prolifically attractive as the abdominals. 

Whether you’re just getting into working out, or you’re a world-renowned athlete, flattening and firming your stomach area can be one of the most difficult, and frustrating, things to do. 

In this article, we will review Specforce Abs, a special forces training regime that is guaranteed to turn flabby belly fat into six-pack magic. Utilizing a “coordinated assault” on your core, you will see just how Specforce Abs creates perfect athletes and sexy bodies in no time flat.

Continue reading, and we’ll go over just how Specforce Abs works, including the program’s mission, who created it, and the pros and cons that this program has. In general, Specforce Abs is an excellent program and is sure to give anyone interested in a great workout. 

What Is This Program About

According to military sports scientists, the typical ab training that you used to could be adding weight and fat to your belly region. The traditional situps and crunches can lead to pain, injury, and added inches on your waistline. 

specforce abs program avoid backpain

An all-around functional and powerful midsection supports peak performance in all areas of exercise and athleticism and looks pretty good as well. Because of this, the Specforce Abs program is dedicated to creating a strong midsection to improve all areas of health and fitness.

Instead of utilizing simple exercises, Specforce Abs trains your core, and the result is a fantastic set of abs that will leave everyone around you jealous. If you’ve been struggling to develop your six-pack and slim down your waistline, this program’s unique aspects might help you do just that.

I know what you’re wondering: how is training your core different from the mundane ab exercises that we’re all familiar with? In particular, Specforce Abs focuses their assault on three different ab muscles: the rectus abdominis, the obliques, and the posterior chain. 

specforce abs five factors

Specforce Abs also utilizes a core group of ideas called the five factors to knock away stubborn belly fat. The first factor is abdominal armoring: a suit of virtual armor is created around your midsection to provide the foundation and stability needed to develop core strength further. 

The second factor is asset tracking and is considered one of the most critical steps. The rectus, obliques, and posterior chain are activated using a combination of exercises that strengthen and tone. 

Next, the third factor called the fixed angle contraction focuses on measuring muscle activation. The largest number of abdominal muscles are being trained at once, leading to a shorter cycle to get the abs you’re wanted. 

The fourth factor is the TQ Work Ups factor, the purpose of which is to strengthen the tissue that makes up your abdominal muscles. 

And, finally, the fifth one is the strategic target selection. In this step, Electromyography is used to target specific muscle groups that need further work to achieve your ultimate abs. The most common muscle groups targeted are the low abs and the obliques.

Who Created Specforce Abs?

Todd LambSpecforce Abs was created by Todd Lamb, a member of the military and S.W.A.T., and he attributes this program to a single idea came to him at the end of a 9 hour SWAT mission. 

Todd is also a self-proclaimed fitness expert and has been using these methods around the world to help people develop world-class abs.

Todd was also a member of the Canadian Special Forces, and a team leader at that, which gives him a huge credit concerning fitness, being in shape, and workout regimes. 

Special Forces operators are required to have very high levels of fitness and strength to deliver peak performances on their missions and inspire their team members to do the same. Todd and his team members were required to be in peak physical form at all times. 

However, Todd Lamb is not formally certified as a personal trainer, nor does he have any formal education in health or fitness science. Therefore, if that makes you uncomfortable, you’ll want to look for a product that was created by a certified physical trainer instead. 

Does Specforce Abs Really Work?

In short, yes, it does work.

If you’re looking for a longer answer, it’s still yes. Although the inspiration for Specforce Abs comes from special forces training, it is still fit for anyone to use regardless of their fitness level and experience. 

todd lamb before and after

Some individuals have taken to the internet to sing praises about Specforce Abs. Still, as this is a relatively new program, there are not a ton of reviews on it or the proven effects or testimonials. 

Some fitness review and advice websites have also written a very in-depth study on the Specforce Abs program, and the results are positive. According to the website’s owners, the program did help shave some inches off the reviewer’s waistline and improve their abdominal prowess. 

Furthermore, the information that is included in the program is very high-quality and well researched; We conclude that Specforce Abs creator Todd Lamb does know what he’s talking about. 

What’s Included In the Program?

This product is an online workout program, and it is comprised of a series of ebooks that lay the program’s regime out very thoroughly. Reportedly, these ebooks are easy to follow and divided into the separate proprietary phases that the program is known for. 

specforce abs pdf manual

You can also utilize the online access that this program provides, including a range of instructional videos. 

One of the most significant points the ebooks tries to get across, other than the exercises you’ll be performing, is the fact that some of the conventional and popular ab exercises are harmful to the body. The worst of these type of exercises is the situp, which studies have shown, can lead to significant spine injuries. 

Other than the Specforce Abs program, the package also includes two bonus features: Fix & Flatten, and the Blue Jeans Perfect Butt Solution. The latter of these two is a workout routine that will help you obtain “an aesthetically pleasing butt”. 

specforce abs full bundle

Pros & Cons Of Specforce Abs

Like any product, Specforce Abs has some pros and cons that consumers will have to weigh before purchasing. 

 Some of the pros of Specforce Abs includes:

  • This regime doesn’t involve boring, outdated ab exercises
  • It works for individuals of anyone regardless of age, gender or experience
  • Training is based on real-life military expertise with the real-world result
  • Comes with detail image and video guides on how to perform the exercises
  • Reasonably priced compared to other workout programs
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

 On the other hand, Specforce Abs has some cons, too: 

  • This program is only digital, which means some customers might not be able to access it
  • Specforce Abs requires a lot of effort to work, so it’s not for individuals who want a quick and easy result
  • This program works better for individuals that are already in shape, rather than those looking to get in shape. 


Specforce Abs is an excellent workout regime that has helped many people to achieve the abs they’ve always dreamed of. And, although there are many programs out there that claim they create six-packs you could only dream of, we would recommend Specforce Abs above most of them. 

Between the highly practical, non-traditional ab exercises that the Specforce provides, and the detailed explanations that the ebooks offer, there’s no doubt that this program is not only effective, but it is also original and refreshing approach to fitness.

The best part about this product is the 60-day money-back guarantee. You can try this product practically risk-free, and since the program is only supposed to take six weeks (42 days), you have plenty of time to decide if the program is right for you or not. 




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